Free school meals and local support grants

1. Please could you complete the first tab of the attached spreadsheet with information relating to the number of children eligible for benefits-related free school meals in your local authority area at the census dates indicated. 2. In regards to … Continue reading

In-year school admissions 2-16-2021

For each of the past five academic years: 1. The number of in-year school admissions that took place in the authority area (that is, admissions that did not take place at the start of the academic year). 2016/17 5753 2017/18 … Continue reading

Stress Related Absence

1. In the 20/21 financial year please state how many teachers were absent from schools in your area for the ENTIRE year due to a stress related illness? (ie they did not work in their paid employment for a single … Continue reading

School Cluster Groups

I would like the following information regarding school cluster groups and/or federations of schools within the local authority please: 1. Number of clusters and or federations in the authority. Which schools are in each cluster / federation. This list of … Continue reading

New school builds – 2021-2026

1 Does the Council have any plans to build new schools in the next five years; If so The Education Infrastructure Plan 2016-2033 details the new schools planned however please note the Plan states ‘The requirements will be constantly reviewed … Continue reading

Free School Meals

For each school in the local authority area, please state the number of children eligible for free school meals in October 2020 (as used by the government for calculating pupil premium funding for 2021/22)  This information is publicly available on … Continue reading