School crossing patrol sites and staffing

I am requesting following information regarding current School Crossing Patrol sites in your local authority area: * Location. Co-ordinates would be ideal, but a street name and general description will also suffice. * Staffed times. Or times when there is … Continue reading

Orchard Manor School, Dawlish

I make the following requests under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for access to information held by Devon County Council :- 1.records of the drainage, site inspection notes and building control sign-off documents pertaining to connection … Continue reading

Non-Independent Schools

1. How many non-independent schools are there in your Local Education Authority? This information can be found on the website Get Information about Schools – GOV.UK ( If you search by Local Authority and types ‘Devon’, you can filter … Continue reading

Breakdown of Agency Spend per School

Please can you provide a breakdown of agency school spend per school (Primary, Secondary and SEN) for 2019 2020 Please can this information include School name, Agency School Spend and Supply Teacher spend (E02 and E26) and if possible agency … Continue reading

Pupil Premium Calculations Date

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information Request 11098964 I am looking into the impact of the Department of Education’s decision to change the Pupil Premium calculation date from January 21 to October 20. I would like to know if the … Continue reading

School asbestos surveys and maintenance records

Please provide: 1. All asbestos surveys relating to the following schools in Devon:  • Broadhempston Primary; • The Grove Primary; • KEVICC and Kennicott Secondary. All available information can be found via the links below: Asbestos surveys Further records Further … Continue reading

Atkinson Childrens Home Costs and Revenue

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information Request 11030076 How much did Atkinson cost to operate in 19/20 and 20/21? In 19/20 – £3,909,333 Forecast for 20/21 – £4,020,100 How much income was received by charging other local authorities or other … Continue reading