School aged children missing from education

1. Provide the total number of school-aged children recorded as missing from education in the academic year due to end in July. Please also provide figures for the previous three academic years (2017/18, 18/19 and 19/20). Children are recorded as … Continue reading

School absence fines due to COVID-19

1. How many fines for unauthorised school absences have been handed out this term until 14th October due to parents keeping children out of school over Covid-19 fears? None. Unauthorised holidays and persistent absence are the criteria for school absence … Continue reading

School absence fixed penalty notices

A copy of your code of practice for issuing fixed penalty notices Devon County Council- Penalty Notice Code of Conduct Absence from school – penalty notices School absence penalty notices  Issuing fixed penalty notices was suspended in 2017 pending the … Continue reading

School Absence Penalty Notices

“I would like to know where exactly my £120 penalty fine for taking my child out of school during term time will go to. (Please don’t say into Devon County Council finances) I want to know, where EXACTLY the money … Continue reading

Fixed Penalty Notices for School Absence

1. How many Fixed Penalty Notices* has your council handed out between September 2018 – July 2019 to parents for the following unauthorised school absences: N.B – The term ‘Fixed Penalty Notices’ should actually be ‘Penalty Notices’; the fixed part … Continue reading

School Absence Penalty Notices Issued

“With regards to Hazeldown School, Teignmouth, please provide from 2013 to the present time:- 1. The number of parents/carers who were issued with a fixed penalty notice with respect to taking children out of school without authorisation during term time. … Continue reading