Easton Cross and Halfway house – roadworks

A request for information regarding roadworks on A382 between Easton Cross and Halfway house Repair/report ref D203493071 and D53-30105-32 How much has been spent so for on the Traffic light hire/ maintenance since the road defect was first reported? Devon … Continue reading

Chanters Road, Bideford – road closure

Temporary road closure of Chanters Road, Bideford at the junction of Kingsley Road (A386), on Wednesday 7th August 2019. Please provide the following information:  1. Copies of Official Notification of the “Temporary Road Closure”; A copy of the Temporary Restriction … Continue reading

Stoke Fleming Road Closure Documentation

“Stoke Fleming in the South Hams District has been adversely affected by road closures and roadworks associated with infrastructure installations for fibre cable.  This request is for all documented information associated with ‘the project’, that being the closure of roads … Continue reading

Cost of Drainage Works, Sheldon

“I would like to find out how much the work that included the enlargement of the drain system between Drift Lane and Sheldon Village undertaken a few years ago cost. The road to Sheldon was shut for some time so … Continue reading