Road closure costs paid to Amberon

Under the freedom of information act I wish to know the weekly amount of expenditure on the company Amberon for monitoring the temporary road closures related to Covid 19. I am particularly interested in the expenditure in Exeter so please … Continue reading

Clay Hill – Road closure guidance

I would like to see what justification the Contractors provided in support of their application to close the road for 20 weeks. This does not relate to any work being undertaken on the London Road new Roundabout only the works … Continue reading

Green and Red highway claims

Could you please respond to the following questions for the most recent full financial year for which you have records? 1. What is the length of carriageway maintained by the highway authority? 12,964KM 2. What is the annual revenue budget … Continue reading

Easton Cross and Halfway house – roadworks

A request for information regarding roadworks on A382 between Easton Cross and Halfway house Repair/report ref D203493071 and D53-30105-32 How much has been spent so for on the Traffic light hire/ maintenance since the road defect was first reported? Devon … Continue reading

Chanters Road, Bideford – road closure

Temporary road closure of Chanters Road, Bideford at the junction of Kingsley Road (A386), on Wednesday 7th August 2019. Please provide the following information:  1. Copies of Official Notification of the “Temporary Road Closure”; A copy of the Temporary Restriction … Continue reading