New Rail Traffic Construction Plans

Request: “Please can you advise if there any proposals for any new railway, tramway, light railway or monorails within the Local Authority’s boundaries? Also, Please can you advise if the Local Authority have any Road or Traffic Schemes within the … Continue reading

Buses subsidised by the Council

1) Please list all the bus, tram or other public transport services either financially supported by or run by the council, or on the council’s behalf in any form, for example but not limited to a concession, partnership, or contractor … Continue reading

Bus service planning application

We are instructed by XXXXXXXXXXX in relation to a planning application for land adjacent to Buckingham Close (Plumb Park), Buckingham Close, Exmouth -. Planning reference 16/1022/MOUT (application made to East Devon District Council). The draft Section 106 Agreement in relation … Continue reading

Bus driver Prosecutions

1) How many drivers in your area have been prosecuted for failing to operate the ramp in such situations in the past year? Devon County Council is not the statutory authority in this regard and do not operate local bus … Continue reading

Bus Transport Finances

How much did Devon County Council pay to Stagecoach during the financial year 2015/2016, and during 2016/2017 to date, for the following: 1) – how much in £ for the Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG)? On tendered services (i.e. those … Continue reading