Cancelled Capital Projects

A list of any capital projects that were due to start within your Local Authority area after May 2010 but that were cancelled either by central government or as a result of central government funding cuts, to include: a) what … Continue reading

Energy and Printing

Please provide figures for the following: 1, The Council’s total energy bill, including the cost of street lighting, for each of the financial years – 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19, include all items – gas and electricity, heating and lighting.  2016/17: … Continue reading

Maintenance of green spaces

I wish to request, under the Freedom of Information Act, that you supply me with: The total spent on upkeep and maintenance of green spaces/areas which are maintained by the council, in 2016 £65,496 The total spent on upkeep and … Continue reading

Community asset transfers

A list of facilities and spaces including: sport centres, leisure centres, swimming baths, gymnasiums, bowls greens, cricket greens, outdoor courts, and outdoor activity spaces, which have been transferred through a process of Community Asset Transfer and were previously owned by … Continue reading

King Edward VI College Site Foundation

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, on behalf of Totnes Town Council, I would like to request the following documents relating to the transfer of ‘The Mansion’, the King Edward VI College Site Foundation into a charitable trust which … Continue reading

Grass mowing on council property

Is the grass mowing completed in-house or by a contractor? By a contractor Name and contact details of the person in charge of the grass mowing. Matthew Chapman Tel 01392 383000 – ask for by name If managed by … Continue reading

Concrete types in council buildings

How many council-owned buildings have been inspected to see if reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) panels are present and if there are any issues with them? Please include any educational facilities where the buildings are owned by the council, even … Continue reading

Fire alarms – County Hall

How many fire alarms went off at County Hall during the last calendar year from the date of this request and how much did the council pay to the fire service in relation to this. We have interpreted this to … Continue reading

North Devon Enterprise Centre

“Under the Freedom of Information Act, please send across a full list of subcontractors along with contact information working on the North Devon Enterprise Centre Development at Plot 5, Fishleigh Road, North Devon Enterprise Centre, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 3UD” Devon … Continue reading