Postage Services and Supplier

1. Who is your current outbound postage supplier  In most sites Royal Mail but a number of sites also make use of franking machines 2. What is the current contract start date and term Various dtates as individual site owners … Continue reading

Lighting, Bulbs and Policy

Do you have any Filament Light-bulbs in buildings (offices etc.), if so are these scheduled to be upgraded, if so when? Also please provide number of filament bulbs? Devon County Council does not hold this data Do you have a … Continue reading

Microsoft products and licences

1) Under the Freedom of Information Act I am requesting details of Microsoft products held by your authority. I am primarily interested in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics and app development platforms. To include (product name and number of user licenses … Continue reading

Coroner’s body removal contract

Information on the proposed contract for the CP2023-20 Coroners Body Removal Contract as advertised on the website. Is this a new contract? This is a business as usual contract which is retendered every 3-4 years Is it replacing a … Continue reading


Supply a copy of any and all agreements entered into between the authority and the company Earnd (UK company registration number 11391391), between 31 May 2018 and 31 March 2021 Devon County Council have had no contracts, or agreements, with … Continue reading

Devon Norse procurement and finance

Q1: Please provide evidence of advice given and received between Devon County Council and Devon Norse on the subject of Procurement Policy Notes 02/20 and 04/20 and has this advice differed from that given to other companies? These Procurement Policy … Continue reading