• Potholes, Road Repairs and Budgets

    Freedom of Information Act 2000 Environmental Information Regulations 2004 Information Request 10944756 What criteria does your contractor use when repairing potholes? Are there set requirements for the quality of the work, type of application etc? Potholes repaired under the Highway … Continue reading

  • Pothole Report Barnfield Road Exeter

    Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information request 10913860 I would like proof of all the pothole reports of Barnfield Road in Exeter  The information requested is provided in the report below: Pothole Report

  • Maintenance of A3072 near Crediton RFC

      I’m seeking information on the locations and numbers of potholes with claims on the A3072 outside Crediton Rugby Club and Bramble Lane turning.  Please find the reports for this road for the past 5 years.  This road is inspected … Continue reading

  • Pothole claims – 2017 to date

    1. Details of all claims brought against DCC for potholes and Highways related issues please for the past 3 years. 2. Information of dates when claims were made and equally when they were settled and related statistics held. We have … Continue reading

  • Vehicle damage claims and road defects

    Details of all the Devon County Council vehicle damage claims, and not any particular area. 1) Total number of claims made for vehicle damage in relation to the road condition.  2015 – 2019 Pothole damage claims and compensation is publicly … Continue reading

  • Reported Potholes June 2019

    How many individual potholes you have identified or had reported to you since June 2019?   Provide your annual spend on pothole repairs since June 2019? Please break down the figures in an Excel file that lists results by each … Continue reading