Pound Lane, Exmouth

Provide details of all repairs, including type and exact locations, carried out to the highway known as Pound Lane, Exmouth between 01January 2018 and 31 December 2020. (Costs are not required).  Records of recorded works and Defect Reports for Pound … Continue reading

Pothole reports for Old Taunton Road

I wish to obtain all reports concerning pothole reference W211436646 .  Please see the documentation available via the link below: Reports and enquiries  

Pothole inspections and reports for Holcombe Down Road

Provide copies of all pothole inspection reports detailing potholes on the Holcombe Down Road, Devon dated on or around 20th April 2020 and 4th January 2021. A copy of the pothole inspection report can be viewed from Inspection reports  

Filled trench – Axe Bridge, Seaton

1. Which utility commissioned the work next to the BT manhole?  For the location and date specified, we have no Utility works logged on our system.  Therefore, this information is not held. 2. Who was the contractor?  Refer to our … Continue reading

Pothole teams and sizing criteria

I would like an estimate of how many teams you have around Devon dedicated to potholes in a general day and how many engineers are in each team. This varies depending on the number of pothole repairs requiring attention and … Continue reading

New Road Bideford Pothole Information

I would like to see written evidence of the inspections taken place of the pothole situated on New Road outside Bideford library or within a few yards of Bideford library on the carriageway as you approach Bideford from Torrington direction. … Continue reading

Potholes claims and repair – 2019-2020

1. In the last financial year (2019/20) a) how much money was paid as compensation for property damage and personal injury caused by potholes (please include legal expenses), and (b) how many individual claims did this represent? a) £180,571 b) … Continue reading