Development Proposals Exeter St David’s Station

1. I believe Devon County Council received significant funding from government to investigate the development of Exeter’s St David’s Station. Can you tell me what progress has been made in developing proposals with interested partners? Devon County Council (DCC) has … Continue reading

Planning Application DCC/4101/2018

I would like to see copies of all of the communications, or records of those communications if oral or electronic, between Devon County Council’s Planning Department and the applicants and/or their agent pertaining to Planning Application DCC/4101/2018 between the period … Continue reading

Kerswell Gardens

Please provide the following information relating to Kerswell Gardens: Q1: A copy of the original waste planning permission to Armabridge Ltd plus conditions therein and any updates relating to the said planning permission No planning permission has been granted by … Continue reading

North Devon Link Road Trees

Please provide information of tree felling on the A361 link road in North Devon with the reasons for the trees being cut down? As part of the A361 improvement scheme trees are being cut down. The planning application includes an … Continue reading

Cancelled Capital Projects

A list of any capital projects that were due to start within your Local Authority area after May 2010 but that were cancelled either by central government or as a result of central government funding cuts, to include: a) what … Continue reading

Planning application DCC/4101/2018

I wish to see copies of all communications between the period 01-Sept-2020 and 24-Nov-2020 between DCC Planning Department and the applicants and/or their agent pertaining to the Site Visit on 04-Nov-2020 related to Planning Application DCC/4101/2018. The records of this … Continue reading