Blue badges and parking spaces

1. How many Blue Badge holders are in your area? 42,930 2. How many council-owned parking spaces there are? It is estimated that there are approximately 27607 formal on-street parking spaces within the Devon County Council area. 3. How many … Continue reading

PCN contravention code 12

Please confirm the parking contravention code 12 wording used by you on your penalty charge notices (PCN’s) We can confirm the wording as follows: “Parked in a residents’ or shared use parking place or zone without a valid virtual permit … Continue reading

On and Off Street Parking

1. Do you outsource On Street Parking Services? If yes please list all the services  Yes. Residential Permits, production and posting of such permits is with Chipside Ltd undertaken on the Council’s behalf using their case manager software. Cashless pay … Continue reading

Parking operations and contracts

* Do you currently manage your car parking inhouse or do you contract to a third party? Car Parking is managed in-house * If you do employ a parking operator to manage your parking services, who is your current parking … Continue reading

Parking tickets issued 2019-2020

Under the Freedom of Information Act I would like to request some information relating to the enforcement of parking restrictions, specifically penalty charge notices.  The number of parking tickets issued by the council broken down by month for the whole … Continue reading