Destruction of confidential documents

The measures taken for the destruction of confidential documents and how this varies between various government institutions. Do you outsource the shredding of your confidential paper documents (Yes/No). Yes If Yes: Are documents shredded onsite or offsite? On site using … Continue reading

Subject access request processing

1. How many SAR request have been made to the council in the last 12 months? 332 between 13/07/2019 to the 13/07/2020. 2. Please provide a breakdown of the specific departments that these SARs relate to? Adult Social Care Archived … Continue reading

Information and cyber security risk assessments

1. Does your organisation have a formal policy regarding the production of information and or cyber security risk assessments? Information and cyber security risk assessments are undertaken in accordance with the council’s Data Protection Policy and Data Protection Impact Assessment … Continue reading

Photography and filming data protection guidance

1. Can you please detail how your Council trains or provides guidance to all staff who undertake photography or filming activity? All County Council staff are required to follow the Council’s Date Protection Policy and undertake regular Data Protection training. … Continue reading

ICT security and Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Standard Firewall (Network) – Firewall service protects your corporate Network from unauthorised access and other Internet security threats 1.Who is the existing supplier for this contract? SCC 2. What does the organisation annual spend for each of contract? The contract … Continue reading