Website Design and Third Party Cookies

Please could you provide me with some information regarding third-party cookies and your cookies policy, and your website design? Cookies and cookie policy * Does your website currently have third party cookies? Yes. * What does your website currently use … Continue reading

ICT expenditure

Please could you provide information from the attached¬†spreadsheet about your organisation’s ICT expenditure To extract this detail of information which is not already available from the budgets would take a significant length of time and in excess of the appropriate … Continue reading

Adobe Acrobat licences and contracts

How many Adobe Acrobat (standard, professional and reader) licenses do you have? 75 Professional, no Standard and Reader is free What is the annual cost? No annual cost, these are perpetual licenses When is the renewal date? As above, no … Continue reading

IT support for Devon Libraries website

The following questions relate to the IT services that support and deliver the website. 1. Is this website supported and delivered solely by Libraries Unlimited? Yes. 2. If the answer to question 1 is ‘No’, what organisation is the … Continue reading

Mobile telephony services and contracts

Please provide complete answers to the following questions: 1. How many employees are at your organisation? Please see response to this previous Freedom of Information Request. 2. How many mobile phone and mobile broadband (data only) connections do you currently … Continue reading

Microsoft products and licences

1) Under the Freedom of Information Act I am requesting details of Microsoft products held by your authority. I am primarily interested in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics and app development platforms. To include (product name and number of user licenses … Continue reading