Grant programmes

1. I would like to uncover more information relating to the following grant programmes: Disabled Facilities Grant Test & Trace Support Payment Community Led Local Development (CCLD) Affordable Homes Local Growth Fund Preventing Homeless 2. For each grant programme, could … Continue reading

Children’s Services Social Workers

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information Request 11049440 1. Do you sponsor social work students? If so, how many each year and subject to what conditions? Yes, we do sponsor social work students and it depends on the funding available … Continue reading

Devon County Council Grant Funding

Would you kindly inform me who is in charge of grant giving and/or funding for not-for-profits at Devon County Council. I would also like to request a contact email address for them too. Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive answer to … Continue reading

Printing costs – 2018 / 21

How much money has the council spent on printing?  Costs may include but are not limited to: Cost of paper Cost of inks / toner Cost of printers / photocopiers Cost of repair / servicing  The figures are as follows: … Continue reading

Funding of Sexual Health Services

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information Request 10942356 1a) The number of sexual health clinic locations in your boroughs for the financial year of 2019/20? 11 1b) The number of sexual health clinic locations planned in your boroughs for the … Continue reading

Finance Systems and Financial Controls

1. Does the Council outsource its transactional services to another authority or shared service? No. 2. Which Finance system is used by the authority (Oracle, Agresso, Sage, E-Financial, SAP etc.) FINEST (Software AG UK Ltd) 3. Has this finance system … Continue reading

Potholes, Road Repairs and Budgets

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Environmental Information Regulations 2004 Information Request 10944756 What criteria does your contractor use when repairing potholes? Are there set requirements for the quality of the work, type of application etc? Potholes repaired under the Highway … Continue reading