Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children 2016-2020

Did the council receive or transfer unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC) under the National Transfer Scheme Protocol for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children between 2016 and 2020? Yes, DCC participated in all years listed above How many UASC were transferred into … Continue reading

Councillor maternity and family policies

1. Does the council have a formal policy in place for maternity, paternity, adoption and kinship care for all councillors? If yes, please provide a copy. Yes – Constitution – Part 7a Councillors Maternity Paternity Shared Parental and Adoption Leave.pdf … Continue reading

Children’s Services Social Workers

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information Request 11049440 1. Do you sponsor social work students? If so, how many each year and subject to what conditions? Yes, we do sponsor social work students and it depends on the funding available … Continue reading

Devon County Council Language Services

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information Request 11030276 Are you on any of the below frameworks for language services (face to face interpreting spoken and non-spoken, telephone and video interpreting and translation) if so which one? Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) … Continue reading

Funding of Sexual Health Services

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information Request 10942356 1a) The number of sexual health clinic locations in your boroughs for the financial year of 2019/20? 11 1b) The number of sexual health clinic locations planned in your boroughs for the … Continue reading

Equality, diversity and inclusion staff and training

How many members of staff in your authority have any of the words ‘equality’, ‘diversity’ or ‘inclusion’ in their job title.   Corporate Equalities Officer  1 Educational Support Officer – Inclusion  1 Inclusion Officer  5 Strategic Lead for Inclusion  1 Youth … Continue reading

Grant Funds

The name and contact details of any organisation that you grant fund or commission in your locality to provide services and/or support (in some cases also known as social infrastructure support, capacity building or organisational development) to not for profit … Continue reading