Lighting, Bulbs and Policy

Do you have any Filament Light-bulbs in buildings (offices etc.), if so are these scheduled to be upgraded, if so when? Also please provide number of filament bulbs? Devon County Council does not hold this data Do you have a … Continue reading

Public Electric Vehicle Charging Points

“I would like to request information relating to public electric vehicle (EV) charging points provided by your authority on behalf of DevicePilot Ltd.  This will make up part of a larger report which will be aimed at lobbying the government … Continue reading

Energy and Printing

Please provide figures for the following: 1, The Council’s total energy bill, including the cost of street lighting, for each of the financial years – 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19, include all items – gas and electricity, heating and lighting.  2016/17: … Continue reading

ZEBCat Scheme

Under the Freedom of information act 2000 please can you send me an up to date list of all contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers that have been working on the construction of ‘ZEBCat’; Scheme comprises This procurement is part of the … Continue reading

Trading Standards – TM44 Compliance

Q1. Have you set up a Trading Standards Officer to implement an active TM44 compliance programme. Provide that person’s name and details. We have not allocated a specific resource to this and we therefore do not hold this information. Q2. … Continue reading

Tenders for education and telecommunications

All information on tenders for procurement in the education sector since 01/04/2016 along with the companies awarded and contact length All information on current and new tenders up until 11/11/2020 planned and where these will be listed All information on … Continue reading

Energy Performance of Public Buildings

Regarding Display Energy Certificates (DECs), how many public buildings are compliant with the regulations and have the appropriate DEC in place? Devon County Council have DECs in place on 50 of its buildings.  We do not hold information about DEC … Continue reading