Website Use and Development

When did you last conduct research into how your website users are accessing digital services? Devon County Council (DCC) delivers many services, and we review those on a case-by-case basis as we work to develop our digital offering. We record … Continue reading

Learning Management System

1. Does your local authority use a Learning Management System and e-learning provision for employee training within health and social care?  Yes 2. If no, are there any plans to purchase a Learning Management System and e-learning provision for employee … Continue reading

M365 Teams Guest Access Policy/Guidance

Please provide  a copy of your ” M365 Teams Guest Access Policy” or a “Guidance Note” that you hold and use specific for officer awareness Devon County Council do not have a policy document but please refer to Teams Meetings … Continue reading

ICT Strategy and Plans

1) ICT/IM&T/IS Strategy- The IT department strategy or plans, highlights their current and future objectives.  Devon County Council has recently launched our Digital & Technology Strategy for 2021-2024 2) ICT Org Chart- A visual document that presents the structure of … Continue reading

Microsoft Windows 7 systems and devices

How many instances of the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System are currently in operation across your entire network? How many devices such as kiosks, laptops etc are still running Windows 7? None How many instances of the Microsoft Windows XP … Continue reading

Cloud Strategy

1. Do you have a cloud strategy? (Please provide a link to the strategy) A) Yes B) No (A) Yes. Devon County Council publicly publishes its Digital and Technology Strategy. However, the current Digital & Technology Service Strategy 2021 – … Continue reading

Devon County Council Language Services

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information Request 11030276 Are you on any of the below frameworks for language services (face to face interpreting spoken and non-spoken, telephone and video interpreting and translation) if so which one? Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) … Continue reading

Online forms – use and contracts

Do you use online forms for residents to complete using a web browser? Yes Approximately how many online forms do you have? Approximately 100, depending on the definition of a ‘form’ What 3rd party or in-house software do you use … Continue reading