Light Commercial Vehicles

1. An updated list of all light commercial vehicles (Under 7.5T) owned by or leased to you. Please include vehicle make, model and year of registration and expected replacement date / contract end (provided in an Excel/Word format). List of … Continue reading

Council owned vehicles

The request is specific to your council, and concerns the types and emission class of vehicle operated by your council. The information required to answer Questions 1 – 6 can be found in responses to previous Freedom of Information requests … Continue reading

Fleet Vehicles Operated by Devon County Council

“Please provide the fleet list of vehicles operated by Devon County Council, to include:- Vehicle make and model Year of production/model year Vehicle type/purpose (e.g. community transport, rubbish disposal, etc.) Whether the vehicle is owned or leased Year of purchase/lease … Continue reading

Vehicle fleet composition

1. Name of fleet or transport manager  Paul Edmonds. 2. How many vehicles do you have on your fleet and the composition (number of cars, vans, HGVs and specialist vehicles) 354 Composition Type of vehicle  Number  Car 20 CDV 60 … Continue reading

Low emission vehicles and school streets

1. How many road vehicles (vans/minibuses/HGVs/cars/motorbikes) does your local authority currently use either directly or via your contractors We currently operate a fleet 340 vehicles comprising of cars/small vans/wheelchair accessible cars/MPV/ Minibuses. We would not know how many or what … Continue reading

Vehicles Operated by the Council

“Please supply the following information in Excel format relating to vehicles operated by the Council:- 1. Fleet Number 2. Registration Number 3. Vehicle type 4. Operating station/allocation/town” A list of vehicles operated by the Council is provided.

Council Owned Vehicles

“For 2018/19, please provide: 1. Total number of vehicles leased or owned by your local council. As at January 2019, there were 339 vehicles leased or owned by the Council. 2. Number of vehicles with a petrol engine leased or … Continue reading

Car Purchase and Hire Numbers and Spend

“Please advise how many cars your organisation has. Please also specify the make and model.  If your authority has a lord mayor, chairman/woman or vice-chairman/woman, please also include this as part of your response:- The cost of purchasing a car(s) … Continue reading