Development Proposals Exeter St David’s Station

1. I believe Devon County Council received significant funding from government to investigate the development of Exeter’s St David’s Station. Can you tell me what progress has been made in developing proposals with interested partners? Devon County Council (DCC) has … Continue reading

Commemorative plaque relating to Taw bridge

In relation to the commemorative plaque relating to Taw bridge and situated near the southern end of that bridge I seek each and every item of record in whatever form held, in whichever department of Devon County Council,(hereinafter called “the … Continue reading

Leadership Group

Please advise what the postholders are who personally support the CEO in his/her work eg PA, executive support officer, business manager, admin support or similar. please can I also have job descriptions and salary levels. This information is available online … Continue reading

Council Tax Increases 2021-2022

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information Request 11045440 What percentage does Devon County Council plan to increase council tax by in 2021-22?  4.99% (3% for Adult Social Care Precept and 1.99% Other) Providing that you are increasing council tax, how … Continue reading

Devon County Council Flexible Retirement Figures

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information Request 11026676 How widely Devon County Councils flexible retirement policy has been used within Children’s Social Care? Devon County Council (DCC) retirement policy applies to all employees of the Council, who are current members of … Continue reading

Potholes, Road Repairs and Budgets

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Environmental Information Regulations 2004 Information Request 10944756 What criteria does your contractor use when repairing potholes? Are there set requirements for the quality of the work, type of application etc? Potholes repaired under the Highway … Continue reading

Register of Interests of Councillors

I would like to receive a copy of the complete current local authority Register of Interest for all elected politicians in a machine-readable spreadsheet format such as a CSV file, including any additional information that may not be published on … Continue reading