Vacant Business Properties

1. How many commercial buildings were listed as empty or vacant in Devon in 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017? Please provide data broken down by year Devon County Council is not responsible for business properties, including commercial buildings, therefore does … Continue reading

Smart building plans and budget

* – What plans do you have for the creation of new smart buildings in your area (by this, we mean a building that employs a network of interconnected devices and appliances using technologies to allow the remote management and … Continue reading

Lighting, Bulbs and Policy

Do you have any Filament Light-bulbs in buildings (offices etc.), if so are these scheduled to be upgraded, if so when? Also please provide number of filament bulbs? Devon County Council does not hold this data Do you have a … Continue reading

Anti-loitering alarms

How many anti-loitering alarms were purchased in the full 12 months of 2010? None How many anti-loitering alarms have been purchased in the full 12 months of 2020? None How many anti-loitering alarms are in use as of 23rd March … Continue reading

Empty council owned properties

The total amount of empty council-owned properties during the year 2020 to date, 2019 and as many years for which records are available. As at 21 December 2020 we can confirm that DCC has 13 empty sites containing buildings. With … Continue reading

CCTV cameras – numbers of

The number of CCTV cameras operated by your local authority. I would like the data for each of the last two years with a year-end 31 March, or whichever year end is most convenient. If you cannot provide two years … Continue reading

CCTV contracts and suppliers

Under the Freedom of Information Act, please could I request a full list of all main contractors, consultants, sub-contractors & suppliers (including postal address/postcode and office telephone number details which are already in the public domain so if not effected … Continue reading

Asbestos in Newton Abbot Schools

“Further to our previous request regarding asbestos documentation for Milber Infants School, Abbotskerswell Primary School, Bradley Barton School (1979-1982) and Highweek Community School (1982-2003) we should be grateful if you could also please provide: Method Statements for the Removal and … Continue reading