Development Proposals Exeter St David’s Station

1. I believe Devon County Council received significant funding from government to investigate the development of Exeter’s St David’s Station. Can you tell me what progress has been made in developing proposals with interested partners? Devon County Council (DCC) has … Continue reading

Rewilding and Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Information Regulations 2004 Information Request 11095664 How does the council define rewilding? Devon County Council (DCC) has not developed or adopted any specific definition of rewilding. Do you have any current or planned policies/initiatives on rewilding? If yes, can you … Continue reading

Emergency mortuaries planning

I am seeking information about emergency mortuaries in relation to the Covid crisis which I believe comes under the remit of emergency planning. I am looking for minutes of meetings when this would have been discussed, budgets and locations. Devon … Continue reading

Care home payments

Provide details of all spending by your local authority to the following care home companies since 2011. * Barchester Healthcare * Four Seasons Health Care * HC One * Advinia Health Care * Excelcare * Akari Care * Orchard Care … Continue reading

National Deaf Children’s Society

Budget for 2021/22: Education services for deaf/hearing impaired children and young people Devon County Council have completed the Education services for deaf children  questionnaire  

Council Tax Increases 2021-2022

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information Request 11045440 What percentage does Devon County Council plan to increase council tax by in 2021-22?  4.99% (3% for Adult Social Care Precept and 1.99% Other) Providing that you are increasing council tax, how … Continue reading

Placements and spending for older people’s services

I  request the following information regarding placements and spending for older person’s social  services. Please provide answers on the attached accompanying Excel spreadsheet.  As requested, refer to the Excel spreadsheet for our response to the following questions. 1. Who within … Continue reading