Development Proposals Exeter St David’s Station

1. I believe Devon County Council received significant funding from government to investigate the development of Exeter’s St David’s Station. Can you tell me what progress has been made in developing proposals with interested partners? Devon County Council (DCC) has … Continue reading

Disabled children expenditure plans

I am writing to request information under the FOIA about the council’s plans for expenditure on social care services for disabled children and their families from 2019-2020. Could you please let me know for each of (1) overall social care … Continue reading

Residents Parking Consultation, Topsham

Request: “In relation to the current consultation on plans to change residents’ parking in Topsham, it is stated that the proposal “is in response to requests from local residents who are affected by commuter parking”. I would like the data … Continue reading

Adult care commissioning forum

Has your local authority established a forum for care recipients and their families to come together to influence the design and commissioning of adult social care services in your area? Devon County Council has established numerous forums to enable care … Continue reading

Social Care Consultation Strategy

Date of Request: 23/06/2015       Date of Disclosure: 20/07/2015 Request and Devon County Council Response Please see the Councils response in bold text; 1) A copy of your policy in relation to the Council’s statutory duty to consult when planning the … Continue reading