M365 Teams Guest Access Policy/Guidance

Please provide  a copy of your ” M365 Teams Guest Access Policy” or a “Guidance Note” that you hold and use specific for officer awareness Devon County Council do not have a policy document but please refer to Teams Meetings … Continue reading

Postage Services and Supplier

1. Who is your current outbound postage supplier  In most sites Royal Mail but a number of sites also make use of franking machines 2. What is the current contract start date and term Various dtates as individual site owners … Continue reading

Devon County Council Language Services

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information Request 11030276 Are you on any of the below frameworks for language services (face to face interpreting spoken and non-spoken, telephone and video interpreting and translation) if so which one? Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) … Continue reading

Community Information Directory

1. Does your local authority host a website platform for local communities to access local events, clubs, sometimes referred to as ‘Community Information Directory’ (CID)? If yes, please state the website address. Yes.  This can be accessed via: Pinpoint Devon … Continue reading

Postal services spend and process 2019-2021

Your postal spend in 2019 and projected spend for 2020 /2021 on the following – exact costs where possible or if unavailable please provide estimated costs 2019/20 total spend – £284,171 2020/21 projected spend – £264,958 Stamps Franking Royal Mail … Continue reading

Postal Process and Procurement

1. Which postal supplier do you use to pick up your physical post? Royal Mail 2. Do you use franking machines or PPI envelopes in your post room? Yes If yes: a. Who is the manufacturer of your franking machines?  … Continue reading