• Carbon emission data for various roads

    Please let me have a copy of carbon emission data associated with the whole life cycle of materials, energy use and construction of the following roads: 1. North Devon Link Road 2. A382 Drumbridges to Newton Abbott 3. A379 Exeter … Continue reading

  • Budget to spend on Sustainability

    We are looking to understand how much the council has budgeted to spend and invest in sustainability this financial year Carbon reduction and climate adaptation are integral to the routine operation of many service areas within Devon County Council and … Continue reading

  • Public Electric Vehicle Charging Points

    “I would like to request information relating to public electric vehicle (EV) charging points provided by your authority on behalf of DevicePilot Ltd.  This will make up part of a larger report which will be aimed at lobbying the government … Continue reading

  • Cycling infrastructure investment

    1: How much money from the transport budget has been invested in the area’s cycling infrastructure over the last year, two years and five years? If possible, please could the response be split into: a) Total amount invested from 1 … Continue reading

  • Active and sustainable travel

    Can you please confirm whether the Council has applied for (or is planning to apply for) any Government funding relating to active and sustainable travel (e.g. walking and cycling)? The County Council applied for Emergency Active Travel Fund tranche 1 … Continue reading

  • Electric scooter road use

    Has Devon County Council applied to take part in the Government pilot of allowing electric scooters on the county’s roads and cycle paths? If so, can you update me on any progress please? If not, for what reasons? Following the … Continue reading

  • Carbon footprint and emissions

    Please can you clarify if you have calculated the carbon footprint of your local authority area. Yes, a report has been commissioned from the University of Exeter’s Centre for Energy and Environment has calculated the carbon footprint of Devon Local … Continue reading

  • Green energy and carbon footprints

    1) Where do you buy your energy? Is it a green energy tariff? Devon County Council purchases energy through a public buying group called Laser Energy Group which is part of Kent County Council. We are not on a green … Continue reading