Section 47 Referrals

How many Section 47 referrals has the council had, in each year, over the past five years (Apr-Mar for each year)? Section 47 Enquiry figures (National and Local) are published as part of the Children In Need Published Statistics Please … Continue reading

Child abuse and neglect allegations

Please provide information in relation to the following queries:  1) The number of child abuse and/or neglect allegations against people who work with children notified to your Local Authority Designated Officer in respect of a child placed/held in any of … Continue reading

Unaccompanied asylum seeker children

I would like to request some figures relating to asylum seeker children and childrens services. Specifically, I would like to know: The number of unaccompanied asylum seeker children (UASCs) in the care of the council; The number of UASCs who … Continue reading

Child abuse police referrals

How many parents have been referred to police by your local authority Social Workers for child abuse by deliberately manipulating a child against another parent in the Family Court arena? The time scale is June 1st 2018 to June 1st … Continue reading

Child abuse service contracting

What Service do you currently provide internally, or commission from external organisations, which fit into the following categories; Service Category Name of Services provided Internally Devon County Council internal service provision consists of a team of Practice Leads, who have … Continue reading

Forde Park School – Newton Abbot

Please would you supply me copies of any reports relating to welfare concerns and/or allegations of sexual and/or physical abuse of pupils at Forde Park School, Newton Abbot from 1933 to now. These include and are not limited to a … Continue reading

Assessment of Child Abuse and Neglect

1. Do practitioners in your local authority assessing abuse and neglect in children have a specified range of assessment tools to select from? Yes If yes, are they:- Commissioned from an external provider? Yes Locally adapted from an externally developed … Continue reading