Café Contracts in the Grand Western Canal

Full details of the contracts you have entered into with companies to operate café facilities at the canal basin and all other places on the Great Western Canal. We have agreements with two businesses operating café facilities on the Grand … Continue reading

Care homes: food and drink

1. Being given food or drinks that are not vegetarian or vegan when that individual is stated as vegetarian or vegan in the care plan. 2. Being given food or drinks that do not align with their religious or philosophical … Continue reading

Spend on and Brand of Tea and Biscuits

“This request concerns Council expenditure on refreshments between 1st January 2018 and 31st December 2018.  Please can you tell me how much was spent on tea and biscuits at Council committee meetings over the course of the year? £8,353 was … Continue reading

Vegan catering

1. What proportion of meals provided for sale to staff in cafes or canteens in Devon County Council offices is free of animal products (vegan). At present approx 5% of our offer is Vegan whilst our vegan customer base is … Continue reading

Eggs Used for Catering

“Could you please send me the answers to the following two questions: 1. In your authority, what eggs ( shell and liquid) are purchased and/or used for catering: Devon Norse are the Council’s suppliers, and all eggs used are free … Continue reading

School Meal Prices

“What was the price of a school meal for each of the last five academic years? If possible, could this be broken down into primary and secondary schools.” Devon schools have the option to procure meals from Devon Norse, deliver … Continue reading

Nitrites in School Dinners

“I would like to know whether state schools within your County Council area serve: a) nitrite-cured ham in their school meals and b) other processed meats containing nitrites in their school meals, including but not limited to bacon, salami or … Continue reading

Non-Stunned Meat Products

“I am seeking the following information in electronic form: 1. Do any of the meat products provided by your authority to schools or other institutions come from animals which were not stunned prior to slaughter? Devon Norse is Devon County … Continue reading

Vegan staff networks

1.Does your council have a Vegan Staff Network (a network that recognises veganism as a protected characteristic under the Equalities Act 2010)? No 2.If not, does it have an informal staff group that meets around the topic of veganism? No … Continue reading