Prices paid for homecare services

We ask you to provide the information described below, including the prices paid to independent and voluntary sector Homecare Providers for the provision of regulated Homecare services delivered to people aged 65 years or above in their own home during … Continue reading

Adult Care fees

1. What is the average weekly fee (to the nearest £) currently (financial year 2019/20) being paid by your authority to support older (65+) residents of independent sector care homes in a) residential care and b) nursing care? Note: average … Continue reading

Adult Social Care Payments

“Please clarify the below Adult Care & Health spending data available via the £500+ Spend information published on your website:- Devon Partnership NHS Trust – I can see that there are 20 payments of around £39k each, totalling almost £800k. … Continue reading

Care home clients private funding

Please would you confirm to me the number of private residential homes that have either been sold, or had legal charges secured against in order to pay for care home residence for privately funded clients with means tested assets in … Continue reading