Alternative providers for GCSEs

How many alternative education providers you use 6 Wave Academy (registered state funded provision) is Devon’s main provider. There are 4 schools in the academy How many of these offer GCSE qualifications  6 How many of these are approved AQA … Continue reading

Alternate provision for excluded pupils

How much will the council spend this current financial year (estimated) on privately run Alternative Provision for excluded pupils, or for dual roll pupils ? Devon County Council holds information relating to those excluded or dual roll for medical reasons, … Continue reading

School attendance pupil B codes

In respect of every mainstream school and every local authority-maintained establishment providing alternative provision education in your local education authority (pupil referral units, alternative provision academies and alternative provision free schools) for the last five academic years (2018/19, 2017/18, 2016/17, … Continue reading

Alternative provision education providers monitoring

1.Please could you provide me with a list of all your current registered/approved/vetted Alternative Provision Providers in your local education authority We have interpreted your request to mean Alternative Provision Academies or Pupil Referral Unit/Medical provision, these are listed below: … Continue reading

Pupil referral units

I’m emailing regarding an FOI request for which I believe you’ll have the data available. Please provide me with: A) The total number of students in pupil referral units B) The number of students in pupil referral units whose first … Continue reading

Provision of academies and free schools

In line with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 we would like to receive the following information from you: 1) We would like information on the total number of places you had in ‘state maintained alternative provision’ in the academic … Continue reading

Placement Rates for Pupils with SEBD

“I would like to use the Freedom of Information Act for the following questions. What is the a funding for learners referred to alternative provision as follows: Children Missing education – Full-time placements for Pupils with SEBD. Funding does not … Continue reading