Tarka Trail A361 Newport, Barnstaple – spend and maintenance schedule

I would like to know the amount of money that Devon County Council sets aside for the maintenance of the Tarka Trail running from the A361 in Newport, Barnstaple to the Bishops Tawton Road, Newport, Barnstaple running underneath the Landkey Road bridge and the Rumsam Road bridge.

From your site description and the Public Rights of Way Warden’s local knowledge, it sounds like you are asking about the Newport Cycleway, not part of the Tarka Trail. Countywide, Devon County Council has allocated £250,000 for maintenance of its 387km off-road cycleways (64 ½ pence per metre). The allocation is not broken down by route but instead is allocated to the local Public Rights of Way Warden based on the length of such network in their respective area. There is no set allocation for the section that is referred to here.

I would like to know the maintenance schedule and the plans for renovation (if any).

The County Council undertakes maintenance works as required, including surface and drainage works and seasonal vegetation cutting. There are no plans to renovate the route.

I would also like to know how much the new concrete culvert that was built recently from under the Landkey Road bridge towards the walkway into Jordan Road was as it has been left incomplete with no ‘cap’ which means that is blocks and is failing to divert the water into the drainage system.

There is a new concrete gully which takes overflow water from the existing drainage system during extreme rainfall. The works cost £6,186.

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