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This bar chart shows the councils spending plans for each of the six main service areas, comparing 2023/24 to 2022/23. All figures are gross (£ million)
1. The budget for Children and Young People’s Futures services increases to 953, up from 873.
2. The budget for Integrated Adult Social Care services is 437, up from 406.
3. The budget for Public Health, Communities and Prosperity services is 67, up from 64.
4. The budget for Corporate Services is 78, up from 75.
5. The budget for Climate Change, Environment and Transport services increases to 112, up from 104.
6. The budget for other services is 63, up from 37.
Overall, the gross budget will increase from £1,559 million in 2022/23 to £1,710 million in 2023/24.

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