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Saturday 19 August 2017

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Meetings Calendar 2011

November 2011

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings will be held at County Hall, Exeter.

Meetings of the County Council and its Committees are normally open to the public but where in doubt it is advisable to check.


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Tue 1st-Nov
Wed 2nd-Nov 10.00am People's Scrutiny
CCN Executive
Thu 3rd-Nov 10.00am Localism Seminar for Members
12 noon DEADLINE for Submission of Questions for next Cabinet
2.15pm Farms Estate
Fri 4th-Nov All Day Cancelled - Devon Education Forum (Conference)
Dartmoor National Park Authority
Sat 5th-Nov
Sun 6th-Nov
Mon 7th-Nov 10.00am Place Scrutiny
Tue 8th-Nov Exmoor National Park Authority
Wed 9th-Nov 10.30am Cabinet
Thu 10th-Nov 10.00am Teignbridge Locality (County) Committee (Forde House)
2.15pm Teignbridge Highways and Traffic Orders (Forde House)
Fri 11th-Nov 10.00am Devon Audit Partnership - Larkbeare House, Exeter
2.15pm Public Rights of Way
Sat 12th-Nov
Sun 13th-Nov
Mon 14th-Nov 9.45am Appeals
10.00am Mid Devon County Committee (Special Meeting), (The Hayridge, Cullompton)
2.15pm Standards
Tue 15th-Nov 9.45am SACRE
Wed 16th-Nov
Thu 17th-Nov 10.30am Local Admissions Forum
11.00am West Devon Highways and Traffic Orders (Tavistock)
2.00pm CANCELLED - West Devon Locality (County) Committee (Tavistock)
Fri 18th-Nov
Sat 19th-Nov
Sun 20th-Nov
Mon 21st-Nov CCN Conference
Tue 22nd-Nov CCN Conference
2.15pm CANCELLED - Procedures
Wed 23rd-Nov 2.00pm Corporate Parenting Forum
Thu 24th-Nov 10.00am Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny
2.15pm Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders
Fri 25th-Nov 10.00am Investment and Pension Fund
Sat 26th-Nov
Sun 27th-Nov
Mon 28th-Nov 10.00am Corporate Services Scrutiny
9.00am DEADLINE for Submission of Notices of Motion for next County Council
Tue 29th-Nov 2.30pm Exeter Locality (County) Committee (Exeter Central Library)
Wed 30th-Nov 2.00pm Development Management


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