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Monday 29 September 2014

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Traffic Management

Devon has 12,820 km (8,012 miles) of road, which is more than any other county in England. Devon County Council is the Highway Authority and is responsible for the management of all the roads in the County except for the M5, A30, A35, A38 and the A303 which are trunk roads managed by the Highways Agency in Area 1(Cornwall & Devon) and Area 2 (Somerset, Avon, Wilts, Glos. & Oxon.).

Devon & Cornwall Police are responsible for all enforcement issues in Devon (speeding, parking, obstruction, etc.)

Increasing household numbers and car ownership means that there is more traffic on Devon's roads leading to growth in flows and increasing congestion. The Devon Local Transport Plan's aim is to minimise the harmful impact of the car and to reduce congestion, speed and pollution.

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For emergencies please contact the Highway Emergencies Control and Information Room (24 hours) Tel : 01392 383329

If you have any comments or enquiries about traffic management in Devon, please contact us using the details below or complete the online enquiry form.

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Traffic Management
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