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Tuesday 16 September 2014

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Public CCTV exists in Devon for two main reasons -

  • Crime prevention and community safety
  • Traffic safety, information and management

Crime Prevention and Community Safety
A number of town centres in Devon have CCTV systems including Exeter (Public CCTV in Exeter), Barnstaple, Newton Abbot and Exmouth. These are generally operated by the District Council but in Exeter the City Centre CCTV is jointly operated by Devon County Council and Exeter City Council in partnership with the Police. Cameras are operated under a strict Code of Practice (CCTV Code of Practice) to comply with legal requirements.

Traffic Safety, Information and Management
Other cameras are installed around the county predominantly for managing traffic and the highway. Devon County Council uses these cameras to provide traffic information through various media services, to manage traffic in urban areas through the use of an Urban Traffic Control computer system and to monitor weather conditions of highway, in conjunction with their countywide Ice Detection System.

Public CCTV footage can only be disclosed strictly in accordance with legislation and criteria contained with the Code of Practice. You have a right to view only personal information (data) which is held about you, unless there are some specific reasons why the Council is not obliged to provide that information. Recent case law has indicated that not all personal images held on CCTV are now considered as personal data.

If you wish to exercise your right to see this information you can select and complete the online CCTV Data Access Request Form. You must be able to clearly identify yourself, and the precise time and location you think you were recorded. You will need to print off the completed request form and send it with a cheque for £10.00 made payable to Devon County Council enclosing copies of two forms of identification, e.g. Passport and Driving Licence to the address below. Remember that information is only normally held for 28 days.

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If you have any feedback or comments about CCTV in Devon please contact us using the details below or complete the online enquiry form.

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