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Wednesday 1 October 2014

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Sustainable School Travel

About Travel Plans

What is a School Travel Plan?

A School Travel Plan is:

  • A programme and partnership which aims to :
    - reduce car travel
    - improve safety and the environment for walkers and cyclists
    - help improve facilities for walkers and cyclists
    - help improve bus and train services
  • An outline of the school's needs and problems regarding travel to and from school
  • A document written by the school

Why do we need a School Travel Plan?

A School Travel Plan can:

  • Help reduce car travel, danger, congestion and pollution outside your school
  • Help to encourage pupils and staff to walk and cycle in safety and in a more pleasant environment. A school 'safety zone' can transform children's journeys with crossing points, traffic calming and lower speed limits on nearby roads
  • Help to make a bid for funds for facilities like cycle storage and lockers for your school
  • Help to provide road improvements outside your school
  • Help to raise levels of physical and mental health and social well-being in your school
  • Help to focus on travel issues through the curriculum, for example, through Geography, IT, Citizenship and PSHE
  • Help your school get planning permission for new buildings or site changes

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