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Saturday 26 July 2014

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Employment and Training

Independent organisations providing training

St Loyes College:

This College has an enviable reputation for training people, aged 18 to 63, who need to work again after a period of sickness or disability. The majority of courses,run in conjunction with the Employment Service are free to the student and do not affect benefits.

The high-quality training environment is predominantly work-based. There are generally 200 students at the college all year round and most are residential

St Loyes

St Loye’s Foundation
Brittany House
New North Road

Tel: 01392 255428
Fax:01392 420889

Royal National Institute of the Blind:

The RNIB offers residential and non-residential assessment and rehabilitation for visually impaired people of all ages. Programmes include vocational assessment and training, as well as social rehabilitation to promote independence in everyday tasks such as cooking, getting about safely, etc.

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