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Monday 5 October 2015

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People & Community

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Devon Community Directory Search 8428 organisations to find community, health and social care services in Devon and Torbay.

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  • Devon Centres Your community’s gateway to help and advice about local services, improving your skills, meeting rooms and your library
  • Community Right to Challenge
  • Equality and Diversity Tackling discrimination and exclusion, promoting social justice and good community relations and ensuring fair access to our services
  • Devon Town Profiles Statistical overviews based on social, economic and environmental themes to aid local community planning between partners
  • Devon Communities in Action
  • Consultation Consulting local people on specific issues and taking account of these before acting
  • Community Development Enabling communities to make better use of their many assets
  • Neighbourhoods & Villages Community history and development, news, events, clubs, societies, websites and twinning
  • People
  • Welfare Reform The Welfare Reform Act 2012 will introduce the most radical change to the welfare state since its inception
  • Rushbrook Centre An exciting new Devon County Council development will see a Community Hub on the Rushbrook site, Station Road, Totnes
  • HR One
  • Abbey Rise, Tavistock Find out more about the plans to adapt the existing building at Abbey Rise, Tavistock as a Devon Centre.
  • Learn Devon course enrolment payment

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