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Saturday 28 November 2015

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School Premises Information

The County Council is only directly responsible for the schools that we maintain.

We support:

  • Major investment for additional places.
  • Major school maintenance and improvement works
  • Provide advice and guidance to ensure we and school managers undertake statutory functions and duties.
  • Maintain Asset Management Information

These functions are undertaken by the Built Environment Team (BET). Further information is available to maintained schools on the County Council's Source pages

How to Access and Amend Keyholder Information inform us of new, amended or deleted keyholders

(Please note this can only be accessed from a schools nominated admin computer).

Access for pupils with a disability

Voluntary Aided Schools can also obtain information from their Diocese offices.

All schools have to comply with minimum standards of provision as set out in the School Premises Regulations 2012. The requirements are fairly minimal with the appropriate number of toilets and washbasins being one. Further information can be found here.

Review of School capacities 2013 – instructions on how to check capacity can be found here.

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