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Friday 19 September 2014

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Where to Walk and Ride in Devon

Erme Valley Trail

3 miles along the valley from Ivybridge in south west Devon to the village of Ermington; the route is comprehensively waymarked.

Rural river valley landscape. Mostly easy walking.

Links with the Two Moors Way at Ivybridge and the Erme-Plym Trail at Sequers Bridge, near Ermington; in conjunction with these other two routes, a coast-to-coast walk across Devon is possible.

Train access to Ivybridge; bus access to Ivybridge and Sequers Bridge.

Symbols Key

Trail includes moorland walkingTrail includes coast and / or estuary walking
Trail includes especially notable viewpointsTrail is mostly waymarked and signposted
Trail has parallel bus and / or train routes to allow for short lengths to be walked Trail information includes dedicated accommodation list

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