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Wednesday 2 December 2015

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Devon Hedges

Devon Hedges learning resources

Who and what are these web pages for?

The principal aim of these web pages is to highlight the potential value and use of Devon’s hedges as a learning resource. Ten ‘Lines of Enquiry’ are provided as a learning tool for subjects such as history, geography, science and art. Each of these has a ‘Scheme of Work’ providing an outline plan consisting of learning objectives; a suggested step by step process through the topic; and opportunities for progression.  In addition, links are provided to a range of other educational resources including posters, leaflets, internet links and media, to facilitate learning highlighting Devon’s important hedgerow heritage.

These learning resources are targeted primarily at children at Key Stage 2 (aged 7 to 11). The lines of enquiry have been devised by teachers from primary schools across Devon, with the overall initiative co-ordinated through the Devon Learning and Development Partnership and the Devon Hedge Group.


Thanks are due to the group of teachers who shared their time and enthusiasm for environmental learning in devising these learning resources. The project was commissioned by the Devon Hedge Group through the Devon Learning and Development Partnership, with the work led by David Weatherly. Funding was provided by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Devon County Council.



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