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Wednesday 23 April 2014

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Farms and Agriculture


Devon is one of England’s largest rural counties with approximately 19,000 holdings, 7 slaughter houses, numerous agricultural events each year, 11 livestock auction sales per week, and millions of farmed animals being sold throughout the year. Advice, guidance and enforcement on Animal Health, Welfare and Disease Control legislation is a high priority for our service. At the same time we ensure that animal feed and any food produced on farm meet both hygiene and legal controls.

Duties for Devon County Council’s Trading Standards Service include:

  • Providing advice and assistance to Devon Farming Industry in relation to animal health, welfare, disease control and feed & food hygiene at primary production.
  • Advising and monitoring the identification and traceability of livestock
  • Monitoring and reporting breaches of the standstill period.
  • Advising and monitoring the welfare of livestock in transit, at slaughterhouses, at shows and at market
  • Auditing on farm movement and medicine records.
  • Advising and monitoring the welfare of livestock on the farm
  • Monitoring and providing guidance on the storage of feeding stuffs including taking feed/water samples for analysis.
  • Being ready to provide support during an outbreak of animal disease such as Foot and Mouth, Bluetongue or Avian Flu.
  • Testing and updating contingency plans.

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Effective education, advice and monitoring are seen as a priority in supporting the agricultural industry in Devon whilst at the same time being prepared to support the industry and local economy through an animal disease outbreak.

Should you have any queries, please contact:

To report an animal welfare or disease issue - Defra Animal Health Veterinary Laboratory Agency 01392 266373

For advice on animal movements or identification - Defra Helpline 0845 933 5577

To request a movement book or movement licences, please use the link below

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