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Monday 16 January 2017

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Devon's Fifty Best Churches

Devon's Fifty Best Churches

(Todd Gray)

Devon's Anglican churches are our greatest storehouse of ancient treasures but the sheer number of them (there are more than 600) is so daunting that few people discover which ones are particularly worth visiting.  This book reveals where they can be found and provides a historical framework to understand them.  Fifty buildings have been selected, as a personal choice, which hold the most outstanding examples of stained glass, fonts, carved bench-ends, screens, memorials and pulpits.  These churches continue to fulfil their main purpose as centres of faith but they can also be visited for those who appreciate extraordinary items of beauty, and often local craftsmanship, which are made of wood, stone, glass and metal.

Format: Paperback, 16.3 x 24.4 cm, 208 pages

© Todd Gray, 2011

ISBN: 978 1 903356 60-9

Price: £15.00

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