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Saturday 10 October 2015

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Comprehensive Performance Assessment


The Audit Commission introduced the Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) in 2002 to measure how well local authorities are delivering and improving services to local people and communities.  The CPA assesses the performance of local authorities across a wide range of areas to arrive at an annual performance category for each county council and single tier authority.

A new framework for assessing the performance of local authorities known as CPA – The Harder Test was introduced in 2005 and uses the following elements to describe performance:

1. An overall star category (ranging from no stars to four stars)
2. A direction of travel label and statement
3. A score for each of the council’s core services
4. A use of resources assessment

2008 is the final year of CPA following which a new Comprehensive Area Assessment will take over.

Outcome for Devon County Council - 2008

In the 2008 judgement by the Audit Commission, announced 5 March 2009, Devon County Council has been judged to be improving well and demonstrating the top category 4 star overall performance.

Devon County Council 2008 scorecard (Audit Commission web site)

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