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Saturday 5 September 2015

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Performance Management

E-Start Guidelines and Support

E-Start Guidelines and Support

Should you need help with E-Start please log a call by emailing and we will deal with your query as soon as possible.

Need a new account setting up on E-Start?

If you would like a new account set up or amended for a member of staff, the centre manager will need to request and authorise this request by filling in the E-Start User Account Request Form as below. This should then be emailed to and we will arrange for new user training to take place before access and a username are granted. This ensures that staff receive appropriate support and training on the use of E-Start including awareness of their responsibilities under the Data Protection Act before having access to the system.

Training takes place on a monthly basis subject to demand.

E-Start User Account Form

All new users will need to complete a Data Protection form and these will be updated periodically.

Data Protection and Suitable Use Form

E-Start User Guides and Reporting Guidelines

All centres are required to use the Monitoring Guidelines for Devon's Children's Centres which provide helpful information about the information that should be stored on E-Start and how information should be added to the database

All Devon’s Children’s Centres are required to collect a basic set of information from those using their centres which includes all those fields on the Registration Form

A concise Guide to Reporting from E-Start has been produced to give a summary of areas which centres would commonly like to report on

The Event Categories List provides further information about adding events to E-Start

Capita provide the following manuals which provide further reference information about E-Start

Admin User Manual (3.94MB - pdf help)

Web User Manual (3.21MB - pdf help)

Further Information

Estart Known Issues Manual

Estart Product Notes (669KB - pdf help)

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