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Monday 21 April 2014

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Childcare Sufficiency

What is Childcare Sufficiency?

Childcare Sufficiency is more than just making sure there is ‘enough’ childcare. It is also about:

  • making sure that the childcare is available, accessible and affordable so that parents have the opportunity to use childcare in their area
  • making sure it’s of good quality so that it benefits the child
  • and providing parents with a choice of childcare so they can choose the childcare that meets their needs.

Why do we complete a Childcare Sufficiency Assessment?

Sections 6 and 11 of the Childcare Act 2006 requires local authorities to assess the local childcare market and to secure sufficient childcare.

The Childcare Sufficiency Assessment gets a new look:

Following the release of the Department for Education’s ‘Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities on the Delivery of Free Early Education for Three and Four Year Olds and Securing Sufficient Childcare’ (September 2012), the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment is being revamped. This guidance replaces ‘The Code of Practice for Local Authorities on Delivery of Free Early Years Provision for Three and Four Year Olds (September 2010)’ and ‘Securing Sufficient Childcare – Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities in carrying out their Childcare Sufficiency Duties (2010)’ and brings them both together into one document. This has resulted in a change from a large detailed 3 yearly assessment to a much smaller concise Annual Assessment and Report. Find out more about this by going to the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment Page

Sufficiency Action Planning

The Childcare Sufficiency Assessment gives the Early Years and Childcare Service a clear picture of the gaps in the childcare market in Devon. The Sufficiency Action Plan (417KB - pdf help) details how we intend to work towards filling the gaps between supply and demand.

Managing the Childcare Market

The Early Years and Childcare Service is responsible for leading and facilitating the childcare market. Effective market management includes having a comprehensive understanding of how the local childcare market is operating. This is informed by the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment but it also requires on-going monitoring of progress in all aspects that impact on sufficiency of childcare. This information is tracked on a termly basis and informs management decisions. The latest information can be viewed in the All Devon Termly Report Spring 2011 (211KB - pdf help).

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What's new?

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment Annual Report

The Early Years and Childcare Service of Devon County Council have published a report (3.40MB - pdf help) which shows how Devon County Council are meeting their statutory duty to make sure there is enough childcare and what their actions and challenges are for the year ahead.

Free childcare and early education now available for more 2 year olds

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Childcare needs survey

In order for the Early Years and Childcare Service to ensure there is enough childcare places for everyone in Devon they need you to tell them how many hours of childcare you require a week.

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