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Tuesday 26 May 2015

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Independent Travel Training

Independent Travel Training

Independent Travel Training is a free scheme which has been set up by Devon County Council via the Transport Co-ordination Service.

The purpose of the scheme is to help young people throughout Devon learn how to develop the skills required for safe, independent travel.

The two accredited Travel Trainers work with students from mainstream and special schools, pupil referral units and colleges of further education.

Before any training commences the travel trainers liaise closely with parents, tutors, social workers and transport officers from the Transport Co-ordination Service and Children and Young Persons Services.  

Comments from Students

"I like getting the bus, I get on with my friends" - Logan from Southbrook

"It feels grown up" - Ollie at Exeter College

Comments from Parents

"I am writing in praise of the service our daughter has received….the Independent Travel Training Scheme is a well thought out and timely project." - Mrs S Bliss

"The local services should be proud to be offering something that is so practical, hands-on and useful..." - Mrs S Kroger

"Thank you so much for helping [my daughter] to take the next big step forward in her life ... [going] on the bus for the first time by herself." - Mrs S Pittas

“I cannot thank the facility of Bus Training enough, going to secondary school is not just the learning in the classroom it's the whole process from leaving to returning home." - Mrs K J Moore

Comments from Tutors

"The service provided has enabled many of our students to now travel safely and independently to college and into town at weekends" - Mr N Couzens, Team Leader, Exeter College

“I do hope the service will continue as I have an increasing number of youngsters I wish to refer…" - Mrs J Nichols, former Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Isca College

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