Thursday 23 October 2014

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Routes Help

The Routes mode allows various routes of the road network to be examined, enabling an overall impression of each route's current state to be determined.
Use of this mode is covered by 2 areas defined below :-

Navigation - Information

Zooming in
When viewing multiple routes (roads) the detailed information of a route can be viewed by moving the mouse pointer over the route you are interested in.

If the mouse pointer changes and a tip box appears (as shown in the example below), then clicking will zoom into a detailed view.

Hovering over route example

If the pointer does not change when you hover over an route then you cannot zoom into this route.

Zooming out
Zoom out button Click the zoom out button to return to an overview schematic.
When viewing the overview, the zoom out button will not be visible.
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Information Panel
Various information is displayed in panels surrounding the route schematic.
Information Panel
If there is lots of information available then this can be accessed using the scroll bar buttons to scroll the list up and down.
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