Thursday 23 October 2014

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Map Help

The map page is split into three main functional areas.
The operation of each area is explained in detail below:-

Navigation - Themes - Traffic News

Pan Arrow The map image is surrounded by 9 panning buttons. These can be clicked on to move the map view in the indicated direction.
Disabled panning button A disabled button indicates there is no map available in this direction.

Zooming in
To zoom in to a more detailed map, move the mouse pointer over the area you want to zoom into.

If the mouse pointer changes and a tip box appears (as shown in the example below), then clicking will zoom into a more detailed map.

Hovering over map example

If the pointer does not change when you hover over an area then you cannot zoom into this area.

Zooming out
Zoom out button Click the zoom out button to return to a less detailed map.
When viewing the top level map, the zoom out button will not be visible.
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Theme Selection The information displayed on the maps can be changed by selecting a combination of different 'Themes'.

To add or remove a different information, select the box to the left of the name on the right hand side of the page. Once the desired options have been selected press the 'Refresh' button to update the map.

If the information is not available on the current map then the name will be greyed out and the tick box can not be changed (even if the box is ticked). Some maps may be purely for navigation to the area of interest and not allow selection of any of the information.
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Traffic News
Sample traffic news The Traffic News section scrolls current traffic news headlines. To stop the scrolling, move the mouse pointer over the traffic news window. To restart the scrolling move the mouse pointer out of the traffic news window. To read a traffic news item simply click on the headline and a new window will appear with the details.
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