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Road Licences

Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO)

A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) is the legal process that is used to introduce temporary restrictions e.g. a road closure, suspension of a one way street or a suspension of parking.

Devon County Council, as the Highway Authority, can authorise a TTRO to allow road works to take place or to ensure safety at a sporting or social event. The Police can close roads for public safety reasons.

Please note that road closures are considered to be a last resort and will only be granted following a completed application and risk assessment.

For TTROs in Plymouth and Torbay, please contact Plymouth City Council or Torbay Borough Council direct.

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Roadworks / Building Maintenance etc

Anyone can apply for a TTRO for works because:

  • the works are to be carried out on or near the road;
  • of the likelihood of danger to the public,
  • of serious damage to the road that needs repairing.

How to apply for a TTRO for works

In the event of an emergency closure due to a burst water or gas main it is essential that the Devon County Council’s Highway Operations Control Centre is notified immediately on 01392 383329.

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Special Events

Anyone can apply for a TTRO if restrictions are needed to:

  • facilitate the holding of the event,
  • enable members of the public to watch the event,
  • reduce the disruption to traffic likely to be caused by the event,

Please note that an event can only be held on the public highway with the approval of the relevant licensing authority.

If your event does not require any restrictions on the highway then please find out how to register your event with us.

If your event does require restrictions (e.g. road closure or suspension of parking) then please find out how to apply for a TTRO for a Special Event.

To view current special events.  Click on our interactive map.  

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Public Rights of Way

How to close a public right of way or bridleway.

No Waiting Cones

No Waiting cones are used to suspend parking temporarily. Usually this is supported by a TTRO to allow them to be enforced. Anyone who wishes to apply for a TTRO to suspend parking, using No Waiting cones, should use the links above.

However, parking teams from your local District Council can provide up to 5 cones for short term informal use e.g. to help with house/business removals, weddings or funerals. These cones are advisory only, and penalty charge notices cannot be issued to a vehicle choosing to park between them.