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Devon Town Focus


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Tavistock is on the River Tavy, from which it takes its name. The town's history dates back to at least AD 961, when Tavistock Abbey, whose ruins lie in the centre of the town, was founded. Its most famous son is the sailor Sir Francis Drake.

The biggest event in the town's calendar is the annual Tavistock Goose Fair which has existed since 1116. Originally scheduled to take place on the feast-day of St. Rumon, it now occurs on the second Wednesday of October, and takes over much of the town for several days drawing crowds which far outnumber the resident population. Traditionally, the Fair was an opportunity for locals to purchase their Christmas goose, allowing plenty of time to fatten the bird before Christmas came; nowadays, along with a multitude of street vendors selling a vast range of wares, there are all the rides and games associated with funfairs.






News and Events

Key Stats

  • The population of the Tavistock Devon Town area for 2009 is 29366
  • In the last 10 years, the population has grown by 5.29%
  • Claimant counts for November 2008 were approximately 150 people
  • Job Seekers Allowance for the area reached 0.84% of the working age population in November 2008
  • District claimant count figures for 2008 showed a claimant count of 1.16% of the working age population
  • The Average income in 2008 for the Tavistock Devon Town area is £29687.95 per household
  • Average house price for the area in 2007 was recorded as £257,682.37
  • There were 259 year 11 pupils in this area in 2007
  • 51.74% of year 11 pupils attained 5 A*-C grades at GCSE in 2007
  • There are 218 year 6 pupils throughout the Tavistock Devon Town area in 2007
  • 84.1% of pupils attained KS2 Level 4+ in 2007
  • For statistical profiles of the Tavistock please click here