Sustainable Development

Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The approach aims to balance different, and often competing, needs against an awareness of the environmental, social and economic limitations we face as a society so that the quality of life for all of the world’s people can be improved without increasing the use of our natural resources beyond the earth’s carrying capacity.

Since 2000 the Local Government Act has required every local authority to prepare a Community Strategy to promote or improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of their area and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in the UK.

Historical background

The Community Strategy for Devon is being led by the Devon Strategic Partnership, the body that brings together local government, public services (such as health), learning providers, police, our diverse and vibrant voluntary and community sector and local businesses within Devon.

Devon County Council is a member of Forum for the Future’s Local Authority Partnership Scheme. Forum for the Future is recognised as the leading sustainable development charity in the UK. This scheme enables Devon County Council to work in partnership with the other local authorities to develop sustainable development best practice.

Sustainable development is inherent in the Devon County Council’s Strategic Plan and various functions of the authority contribute towards sustainable development.

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