Additional Financial Support for Pupils and Students

The Government and the County Council does not provide any additional financial support for pupils in schools, but some pupils will get additional support via school budgets. This support is targeted at pupils with additional learning needs, those with disabilities, those in care, those who have a parent in the armed forces, and those whose family have a low income. There are though some organisations and charities that do provide additional support for school age pupils, and for those continuing in education and training after age 16.

  • Free School Meals
  • Free School Transport

Further Education
There is no longer any funding available for students in Further Education. For information about funding from your school or college, please contact them directly.

Higher Education
For students in Higher Education (usually those aged over 18 at Universities), financial support is available from the government. This is entirely administered by Student Finance England. The Student Finance office at Devon County Council has now closed. To find out more, please visit or ring 0845 300 5090.

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